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Review – House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live With an Urban Rabbit Marinell Harriman

The House Rabbit Handbook has long been viewed as the ultimate guide for living with your house rabbit.   Though other publications can surely offer advice and direction to the new-and proud-owner of a house rabbit, most seasoned house rabbit owners will agree that Harriman’s revised edition of the House Rabbit Handbook addresses anything the new owner might anticipate-and a few things they haven’t.   Even someone who has had a bunny as a pet before, and knows the ins and outs, can find helpful hints in this edition of the House Rabbit Handbook.

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Resourceful, intelligent and informative, Harriman’s latest House Rabbit Handbook revision includes hands-on care, such as dietary recommendations, for your house rabbit, along with updated information regarding interaction with your new pet, how to understand your bunny’s needs, and addressing safety issues.  There are new chapters which include suggestions for integrating your rabbit’s space into the human areas of your home as well as sections on exercise options, stimulating your rabbit, and even care of elderly or special needs house bunnies, fostering respect for your animal companions.

Harriman has been a strong supporter of adoption of house rabbits and a key member of the House Rabbit society so some parts of the book may be difficult for those new to the world of house rabbits.  While there is no doubt that Harriman is an intelligent source of information when it comes to dealing with your house rabbit, some may have a difficult time understanding certain parts of the book, such as the sections which deal with anticipating bunny behavior, which may go over the heads of those who aren’t sure what to expect from their new pet.   Overall, however, the book is a must-have for new pet owners as well as seasoned house rabbit lovers.

House Rabbit Handbook ReviewWhile no veterinarian would argue with the statements made by Harriman, plenty of her knowledge comes first hand from decades of owning house rabbits.  There’s even a good bit of information about how to prepare your home for the arrival of your new pet.  That’s why the ideal time to read this book is prior to adopting your new pet.  You’ll refer back to all the sections over and over again as you get to know the newest member of your family. All in all, the House Rabbit Handbook is a worthwhile read and will surely end up as a dog-eared reference manual in your home.

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