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Review – Rabbits: Gentle Hearts Valiant Spirits

This easy-to-understand and intelligently written glimpse into the lives of house rabbits takes a new approach to shedding light on the lives of domesticated rabbits.  Stories of rescues will make even the most uninformed reader into an advocate for rabbits and the plight they suffer at the mercy of factory fur farms, meat farms, research institutes and laboratories.  These stories will tug at your heartstrings and outrage to the point of disgust, however, you will be inspired by the ultimate rescue of these bunnies at the hands of some noble and caring human beings. 

Marie Mead and Nancy LaRoche, both outspoken advocates for the plight of house bunnies, collaborate in this effort to tell the tale-several tales, actually-of these sweet, funny, personable pets.  Readers will laugh as often as they cry and cry out in indignation.  House rabbit owners will surely see their own companions personalities reflected in many of the stories represented in the book.   Rabbits:  Gentle Hearts Valiant Spirits serves as encouragement to those who strive to end the suffering of  these delightful creatures.

While it can sometimes be easy for people to turn a “blind eye” to the atrocities suffered by innocent animals at the hands of less-than-compassionate businesses and laboratories,  this book shows that these courageous rabbits are worthy in their intelligence, their beauty of spirit and their potential to bring happiness to all of our lives.   Once you make a friend in a house rabbit, you’ll have a friend for life. 

While the authors’ primary intent is to entertain, Mead and LaRoche also want to educate the reader.  Though this book is by no means intended as a “how-to” on caring for your house rabbit, the stories, as well as the additional sections about the make-up, both physically and psyche-wise, of these bunnies, will give the reader a glimpse into house rabbits they may not have seen before.  Experts such as Dr. Michael W. Fox, Dr. Bernie Seigal, and Susan Chernak McElroy offer their input and personal stories as well.  Collaborator Nancy LaRoche also contributes her own experiences to the book.

rabbits gentle hearts valiant spirits bookThe uplifting tales of rescues along with the input of experts in the field will appeal to anyone who has ever loved a house rabbit, as well as anyone who is interested in adopting a forever friend.  A well-written and inspiring book about a gentle and courageous breed of animal.

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