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Stories Rabbits Tell: Review

Misconceptions About Rabbits Explained

We have come across many times where references to rabbits have been probed and in most of the occasions, society refers to rabbits in a negative way. However, in the book, “Stories Rabbits Tell” writers Susan Davis with Margo Demello has removed this misconception to a decent extent. She has brought out different aspects of the rabbits’ intrinsic qualities and created a unique opinion in the minds of her readers. She has strived to expose all the finer qualities of rabbits and usher in the changed notion of these animals as a intelligent creatures that deserve our respect.

The book has covered all aspects of rabbit history in a very awesome style of writing. Needless to mention, that the writer has done immense extensive research to understand the history and folklore of these animals.  It is truly a very good concept to redefine the fallacy about rabbits. The writer has explained why rabbits have been portrayed as cunning, devilish, and trickster all throughout history and today (If you live with a rabbit you already understand why!). 

By reading Stories Rabbits Tell, one can respect and love rabbits from a different point of view. This book traces rabbits history from ancient folklore all the way to being the domestic pet it is today.  The manner in which the writer has focused on bringing out the beautiful attributes of the rabbit is commendable.  Susan Davis has used such simple language, which is very easy to understand and assimilate. It is a perfect book for those who love rabbits and want to have a deeper understanding of their effect on culture and history in our world.

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