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Toys for Hops – Christmas for Lonely Buns

Toys for Hops Christmas Rabbit Toy DonationUPDATE:

WOW!!  What a Successful Toy Drive!

In all we received $1580 in donations which resulted in us sending Toys for Hops $3160 worth of Rabbit Toys for Rescue Bunnies all across the United States!! 

Gretta has promised lots of pictures and wants to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity.  And of course, the bunnies thank you too 🙂

Here is the original post that spurred so many donations:

This year many rabbits will be enjoying Christmas with their families.  Not only that, they will get gifts and lots of love and kisses on Christmas morning.

8 Lop Rabbits Dumped in Wellington NZ

Rabbits Rescued in WellingtonFrom the Wellington SPCA Website:

"Wellington SPCA received a call on Friday afternoon stating that several pet Lop-eared rabbits had been abandoned on Harris Road, Judgeford (on Haywards Hill).

A local resident was able to catch two by hand, and an inspector was able to catch another three on Friday evening to bring them into the Newtown centre. At least three more rabbits are still loose in the area, although humane traps have been left so these rabbits can be brought in and taken care of.

The $7.50 Rabbit That Changed My Life – Baskets for Bunnies Story

flopsy from baskets for bunniesBy: Gretta Parker

I was born to be Flopsy’s mom. I did not know that until a rainy Sunday afternoon on September 26th, 2010. I had stayed up late the night before, watching the 11pm news. They did a report on the amount of rabbits the local shelter had due to bunnies bought for Easter then abandoned when they become harder to care for. New to the area, I looked up the address; I discovered the shelter was nearby. I decided to go the next day and make a donation to help the former Easter bunnies.