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Beau: The Gentle Giant – Flemish Giant Rabbit

Picture of Flemish Giant GreyBy: Claire Reid

My name is Claire I am 23 years old and I have a Giant Flemish house rabbit named Beau. He is more of a dog than a rabbit, being that he is bigger than a domesticated house cat, and the fact that he demands to be petted.

I fell in love with him when I saw him at the bunny farm. He was so big, and only 3 months old! Beau loves to run around the house and play with his flinging toys. He absolutely loves Cheerios.

Rabbit Fun – A Day in the Life of Bambi the Bunny

By: Sharon from UK

Today’s the day when the cleaning needs to be done all around the house, including Bambi’s room.

He doesn’t like my vacuum cleaner, because of the noise, so I have to put him outside in my garden for an hour or so whilst I clean. I closed the door behind me so he wouldn’t come in whilst I was cleaning.

In June of 2010 I Lost One of My Best Friends – A Story of Bunny Loss

Ramone the Dutch RabbitBy Heather Jackson


Ramone came into my life when I was a pregnant 18-year-old.  He came to me as a high school graduate present in May of 2001.   He was a beautiful black and white Dutch rabbit.  The name “Ramone” came from the punk band, The Ramones.  As a teenage punk rocker, of course I had to name my rabbit after an influential punk band.  So, Ramone, it was.

Living with a House Rabbit – Poot the Dutch Rabbit

By Theron Peck

It is 5:20 am and the day is just beginning. Six short steps down from the second floor reveals a large living room with our Dutch rabbit eagerly awaiting our arrival. With hardwood floors and several rugs, this is the habitat and home for our house rabbit named Poot. Poot is normally sitting in a “loaf” mode under our coffee table with a direct view to the staircase. Upon our arrival, he becomes very excited and runs around the perimeter of the room which is also attached to a dining and kitchen area. After receiving a customary scratch on the head, he nudges our feet, demanding a forehead rubbing in front of the couch while we watch the morning news.

The $7.50 Rabbit That Changed My Life – Baskets for Bunnies Story

flopsy from baskets for bunniesBy: Gretta Parker

I was born to be Flopsy’s mom. I did not know that until a rainy Sunday afternoon on September 26th, 2010. I had stayed up late the night before, watching the 11pm news. They did a report on the amount of rabbits the local shelter had due to bunnies bought for Easter then abandoned when they become harder to care for. New to the area, I looked up the address; I discovered the shelter was nearby. I decided to go the next day and make a donation to help the former Easter bunnies.

Hammie the House Rabbit Hero: Update

Earlier this week we posted an article about Hammie the rabbit who rescued his young owner from a diabetic episode.  If you have not read teh story yet, check it out here: Hero House Rabbit

We asked everyone to share the story so we could get it on the news and it seems to have worked!  Check out this local news story about Hammie and his lucky owners:

Let's keep this going!  Share with your friends and family, local news agencies, etc to spread the word of this wonderful bunny! (please be patient, the video takes a few seconds to load)

Living with Bunnies Offers a Daily Occasion for Experiencing Awe

Freya the House BunnyBy Sarah Kleeb

I find that people who do not have the honor and joy of living with house rabbits (hereafter referred to exclusively as “bunnies”) often have difficulty understanding why those of us who do have such privileges are so emphatic about our bunny bliss.  There is just something about bunnies, I’m not sure how to put my finger on it, but there is something there that is really unique, really special.  I’m hoping this article will help me figure out exactly what that is, and that will also create a space for others to reflect on this as well.

The Sweetly Vigilant Bun – Hammie the Hero House Rabbit

Hammie the House Bunny HeroUPDATE:  Hammie is now famous!  Check out this great local news story about Hammie the Hero House Rabbit

By Aundrea Hudgens

We met Hammie at a rabbit adoption event in a local pet food store. He was a tiny little guy, a non-descript grey and brown with white feet.  Sadly, his mother had been dumped at a local beach with several other bunnies. Kind people found and transported them to the shelter.