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Video: Wild Rabbit Meets a Domestic Rabbit

This is a great video.  A wild rabbit decides to make friends and interact with a domestic bunny through a screen door!  It's pretty cool to see just how interested the wild bunny is in his domestic cousin!  Kind of reminds me of the story about the country mouse and city mouse 🙂  The video starts a little slow but the two start interacting at about 1:50

Whimsical Rabbit Paintings by Nakisha

Just found this video on YouTube.  It contains 101 paintings of rabbits by Nakisha.  You'll find these paintings to be whimsical with a very unique representation of the lagomorphs we love so much!  I enjoyed this video immensley and hope you do too!  If you would like to visit the artists website go to


Hammie the House Rabbit Hero: Update

Earlier this week we posted an article about Hammie the rabbit who rescued his young owner from a diabetic episode.  If you have not read teh story yet, check it out here: Hero House Rabbit

We asked everyone to share the story so we could get it on the news and it seems to have worked!  Check out this local news story about Hammie and his lucky owners:

Let's keep this going!  Share with your friends and family, local news agencies, etc to spread the word of this wonderful bunny! (please be patient, the video takes a few seconds to load)