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Thank You from Gretta Parker, Flopsy Parker, and

This past Christmas we held a Toy Drive for Gretta Parker and her organization "Baskets for Bunnies".  I would like to take this time to Thank You all on behalf of Gretta Parker, and all the rescues and bunnies in rescue that received their toy donations!

In all we received $1580 in donations which resulted in us sending Toys for Hops $3160 worth of Rabbit Toys for Rescue Bunnies all across the United States!!

If you would like to read more about our original toy drive, click here

Here is the list of Rescues that received the toy donations:

FunnyBunny Sanctuary, WV,
Red Dog Farm, NC,
Brambly Hedge, AZ,
Judge's Park, PA,
Ffive Rescue, OH
Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, OH
Capital Area Humane Society, OH,
Gainesville Rabbit Rescue, FL,
Hopalong Hollow, CT,
Red Door, IL,
Zooh Corner, CA
Bunny Castle, CA
Pasadena Humane Society, CA
Trinkets Memorial Sanctuary, CA,
Little Furries, NJ,
Bangor  Humane Society ME,
Magic Happens, LA,
Clover Patch TN
4 Lil Pigs and Buns and Suncoast Humane Society in FL,
Indyclaw Rescue,IN,
The Rabbit Center, GA,
Midwest Rabbit Rescue, MI,
Red Barn Rescue, OR,
Rabbit Wranglers, PA
Animal Friends, PA
Luv-N-Buns, PA
Animal Rescue League,  PA
Western PA Humane Society,PA,
North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary,

Below you can see videos and photos of the toys rescues received and the bunnies enjoying them!


Clover Patch TN


Clover Patch TN










This is a picture of Flopsy with the toy donations.  Unfortunately Flopsy crossed the Rainbow bridge just days after this picture was taken.  Flopsy was the inspiration for the Baskets for Bunnies organization as can be read in this article we published late last year.




We are opening up the donations or rabbit toys for this important work on an ongoing basis.

Below you'll find a Paypal button where you can send Baskets for Bunnies a donation of fun, interactive rabbit toys directly from  Baskets for Bunnies will use those toys in their Toys for Hops program by redistributing them to the rescues in the most need.  Then the rescues will give each bunny in their program their very own Rabbit Toy.

But the best part is will MATCH your donation!  and cover all shipping costs to get these toys to Baskets for Bunnies. 

So if you purchase a $40 toy donation for the Toys for Hops program, will send $80 worth of toys!  This is the perfect way to give homeless buns across the country the joy they deserve. 

Rescue bunnies have so few people to speak up for them and who look out for their needs.  You have the opportunity to help those whom our society  normally over looked.

Make a One Time Donation Here:

Donation Amount


Or you can make a Donation every single Month!  By choosing the option below you agree to make monthly toy donation to Gretta Parker and her Baskets for Bunnies and Toys for Hops programs.  Each and every month we will send Gretta your toy donation along with our match of toys for her to distribute to bunnies in rescues across the nation.  Of course you can cancel your automatic payment at any time.

Donation Amount


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