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The First Day With Munday…a Californian Rabbit Love Story

Guest Contributor Priscilla Hunting

It was a Thursday night at work like usual, taking orders and making yummy burgers. I had spent the past few months looking at Chinchilla's online on rescue websites, when my husband called and told me that he got me a present. I asked him, 'What is it?', but to no avail he told me that if he told me, I could not have it. I tried to guess on my own and decided it was no special occasion. However, that night what happened really was just that… a VERY special occasion.

After my co-worker and I closed up shop and set the alarm, we went outside to the parking lot. My husband was waiting for me.  He walked up to me with a box that had holes in it and a purple bow on top. I opened the box to reveal a beautiful 9 month old Californian bunny. It was LOVE at first site! I held her the whole ride home and she nestled into my chest. I happily received tons of kisses during the ride home. She was my new precious baby, FOREVER!

We got home and I noticed that my husband had redecorated just a little bit. There was a water dish, and black polka-dot cat bed, a big box of timothy hay with an entrance, and several toys on the ground. Luckily, we had a three year old boy so the house was not only child proof, but bunny proof as well. I also noticed that my little sister Genevieve was gathering the bun a bowl of fresh veggies, and pellets. She saw the rabbit in my arms and looked at my husband and said, 'Yay, you really did get the bunny." I set the rabbit down, and she began to check out her new forever home. She did tons of binkies, and ran as fast as she could around the house. Quickly, she decided that the box of timothy hay was her new favorite spot.

After a few hours of watching the bun play and eat, our son woke up and came into the living room all groggily. He saw his new friend and said, "Puppy!!!" We had to tell the little man that she was not a puppy but a bunny. This took about twenty minutes to convince the toddler that. Then I let him and the bun play tag together (bun started it), and shortly afterwards they both fell asleep together on the couch. I let them both take the couch that night and tucked them both in. Since then they have been sleeping buddies. Creating tons of trouble together, they made the perfect duo.

After the duo fell asleep my little sister curiously asked me, 'What are you going to name her?'

Unsure I told her, 'I am not sure yet, do you have any ideas?'

She sweetly smiled and giggled, 'Well she does seem to resemble the moon.' By this time the bun decided she wanted to play some more and hopped out from under the blanket she shared with my son. I studied her features, she had such soft ultra white fur with a black nose, black ears, silver feet, and a fluffy sliver tail. Her eyes where pink surrounded by blue.

I looked at Gen and said, 'Something to do with the moon would be prefect!' We both looked online for names that resemble the moon. Together we saw Luna, as well as many others. Then we came across Munday. We discovered that was a rare English name that means 'Moon Day.' I thought that was perfect. She was as beautiful as the moon, and just as alive and magical as that day. Gen and I both looked at each other and decided that Munday was her new name. We asked the bun if she liked it and when we called her by that she did the biggest binkies I have ever seen. So that was it. She even liked the name.

Welcome to your new forever home…. Munday.


About Priscilla HuntingHello, my name is Priscilla, and I am owned by a wonderful rabbit named Munday. I grew up in Tahoe and that is where my best friend (Munday) found me. She was brought home by my wonderful husband. I have had other rabbits growing up, but life has not been the same since we adopted our house rabbit.


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