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Top 11 Best Gift Ideas for You and Your Rabbit – 2012 Holiday Season



Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #1


Crazy Christmas Tree Rabbit Toy

We decorate our own trees with ornaments that remind us of our favorite things, and many times the ornaments are simply miniature toys!

The Crazy Christmas Tree took this same idea and applied it to your bunnies favorite things, toys!  This toy is shaped like a Christmas tree with Rabbit Toy pieces tied with sisal all over.  Great for heavy chewers and to give your bunnies home a festive look during the holiday season!
Lola LOVES hers!!
Start shopping here:



Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #2

$7.50 Bunny That Changed the World by Gretta Parker

Flopsy Parker was dropped off at a North Carolina shelter in the fall of 2010. By 2011, after he had trained his mother Gretta to be his ghostwriter, he was inspiring people on Facebook with his message of adoption and helping other rabbits around the world that needed homes.
This delightful, heartwarming, and real?life story, as told from Flopsy Parker's point of view, is sure to tweak your bunny bone.
The $7.50 Bunny That Changed the World is a tribute to his life, the people he inspired, and proof that even the smallest of creatures can live the biggest of lives.

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #3


Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Rabbit Pendant Necklace, 18"

Amazon Review:

"I bought this for my sister in-law because she loves bunny's. This charm is very very adorable. A lot cuter then I thought it would be. I must for anyone who loves bunnies. Or even for anyone who likes charms."

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #4

Original Activity Zone for Rabbits

Retailers haven't figured out they can sell these for bunnies yet so in the mean time we will have to buy the "doggie" version! 

Amazon Review:

"Our 6-month old bunny LOVES this activity center. She jumps on it, runs under it, nibbles at it and hops around it and uses her nose to make the toys swing. Not sure who is more entertained, our family or JoJo! Most importantly, we keep it in the middle of the living room and she has not gone near the Christmas tree or any other of her former chew favorites (the sofa, wires, etc.)."

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #5

Snoozer Eco-Friendly Pet Carrier

The pet tote by snoozeris made of recycled jute fibers (burlap), for luxurious bunny comfort that's also planet-friendly.

Features:. Repurposed burlap material is strong and durable. Spacious main compartment. Four zippered mesh openings (two at top, one on each side) for excellent ventilation and viewing flexibility. Padded chin rests on each side for comfortable peeking. Large flap pocket at front keeps small essentials (wallet, keys, cell phone) at hand. Dual handles for easy carrying. Interior cushion removes for easy cleaning. Inside leash attachment. Fits pets up to 10-pound.. Airline carry-on approved item specifications: dimensions: 15-inch by 7.5-inch by 12-inch

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea # 6

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Smaks, 1.75oz, Orange

Don't let "Thanksgiving" be the only time you treat your pet to our good ole' "Pumpkin Pie Cookies". American Pet Diner's healthy, homemade treats are all NATURAL and consist of fresh fruits and vegetables with NO corn or wheat added! These great tasting treats are a great support for your pet's skin and coat and will also provide your pet with a great source of naturral vitamins and minerals it needs. Your pet will truly be "Thankful"! Comes in a 1.75oz. bag with approximately 30 cookies.

Amazon Review:
"Perfect if you're looking for something that your small pet will go nuts for…and because of this, they work really good as training rewards! Plus, they are much healthier and safer than those high-sugar and fat yogurt treats they try and pitch in pet stores.  Highly recommended!!"

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #7

Rabbit 2013 Wall Calendar


Brand new officially licensed calendar to keep track of time in style all year long!
Measures 12.00 by 13.00 inches
Ships quickly and safely in a protective envelope

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #8

Confessions of a Bunny Blogger


 Did you know that rabbits are the third most popular domestic pet in the United States? They're also the third most discarded, surrendered to animal shelters all over the country, or simply "dropped off " somewhere.
Fortunately, not every unwanted bunny's story ends in tragedy. Meet Frederic the Great, a scrawny Californian mix with a huge enthusiasm for life! Fred was rescued from a neglectful situation in New Jersey, and wound up at Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in rural Willis, Michigan. That's where we met, and this story begins.
Frederic's a lot like your typical teenager-excitable, eager, anxious, bursting with curiosity and a fair amount of attitude. For the past year, he's written a public blog, chronicling his transformation from "castoff" to "king of the castle". Those entries (along with a few comments from Mom ) form the basis of this delightful tale. A book like no other, written by and about a bunny like no other.
Amazon review:  "I loved this book and wish it would have been many times longer. I would love to read more and will purchase the next adventure."

Get this Great Book on Amazon by clicking here


Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #9

The Christmas Bunny Movie

An instant holiday classic for the whole family, The Christmas Bunny is a heartwarming adventure bursting with the joy of the season. When Julia, a lonely foster child, discovers an injured rabbit on Christmas Eve, she forms an unlikely friendship with an eccentric farmwoman (Florence Henderson) who vows to nurse the bunny back to health. In the process, Julia s own heart is healed and she forges a bond with her adoptive family that makes her holidays one she and you will never forget.

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Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #10


Bunny Skin Case with Furry Tail for Apple iPhone 4

Protect and personalize your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with this front and back Protector Case that's adorned with rhinestones and bunny!

Amazon Review:

"I love this phone case!!!!!!!! It's even more adorable in person. I've been using it for about a year now and its just starting to fall apart. I think that a year is a pretty respectable life time for something covered in rhinestones that is constantly used.."

Go on over to Amazon and take a look!  At about $5 you can't lose!



Bunny Holiday Gift Idea #11

Give a gift to homeless bunnies!

Thousands of rabbits will be homeless this holiday season.  Baskets for Bunnies will be giving toys to rabbit shelters all over the world so that bunnies will have their own gift Christmas morning.  You can help by sending a Toy Donation to Baskets for Bunnies.  For every donation you send, will MATCH the donation and ship it for free!  

Make your donation and get more details here:

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