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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your House Rabbit – Holidays 2016

House Rabbit Gift Idea #1

Standing Christmas Tree House Rabbit Toy

Rabbit Christmas Tree Toy

Your rabbit will enjoy it's very own Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights"! The Standing Christmas Tree with "Lights" will look beautiful in your bunnies home on Christmas Eve! Completely safe and chewable, this toy allows your bunny to celebrate the holidays with you! Measures approx. 6" high

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #2

Meadow Grass Toy Ball

Meadow Grass Rabbit Toy Ball

Small Pet Select Woven Grass Toy Ball is amazing gift for your pet. It is natural and playable. Whether you have rabbit or Guinea Pig, both going to love it and can play with it for hours and hours. They will be happy and once they are happy they will be healthy as well. It is a unique and beautiful activity for them. Buy this once and your pet never going to stop loving it. A wonderful fun toy ball for your pets.

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #3

Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy for Rabbits

Logic Toy for Rabbits

This toy is perfect for pets that have not played with other logic toys yet. Simply hide your pet's favorite treat under the lids for the fun to begin! Logic toys are a great way for pets to stay entertained. Rather than just handing them the treats, you can challenge their minds and fight boredom at the same time. You will be amazed how quickly they learn new skills.

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #4

Flower Power Berry Boost Herbal Blend

 Flower Power Berry Boost Herbal Blend rabbit treat

Do whole foods matter?

Yes! Whole foods provide micronutrients in a natural way that the body expects & can understand (dried, powdered, or frozen). Isolated vitamins (e.g. synth supplements) don’t bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together- the body can’t understand them, so it can’t fully use them.

We keep your pet’s nutrients bioavailable- nothing removed or extracted from the original plant, so our bunny food & guinea pig food provide the utmost benefit to your pet.

What is the benefit of variety?

Small animals are natural foragers. In the grasslands, they don’t eat just 1 type of food. They eat a bit of this, a bit of that, based on what’s available seasonally.

Without variety, they suffer a lack of trace minerals & other nutritional components.

Without the variety necessary to allow them to bite, chew, & pull at bark, mouth health can deteriorate, detrimentally affecting overall health.

Hay & pellets can keep them alive. But fresh greens, as well as a varied diet to mimic forage, can help them truly thrive.

What makes Flower Power Berry Boost different?

We care about your pets, almost as much as you do. Supporting pet health is our passion. Whenever we discover something that will help your little one, we bring it to you.

Ingredients: Calendula, Red Clover, Lavender, Rose Petals, Elder Flowers, Hibiscus, Hawthorne Berries, Rose Hips. Size: 4.4oz

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #5

Premium Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Cardboard Rabbit Toy

Yes, this is a "cat toy" but don't overlook the fun your bunny could have with it!  Rabbits love to dig, shred cardboard, and hide in holes making this toy a sure hit!  Comes with catnip which won't attract your rabbit but will not harm it either!  Reviews show bunnies around the US are already having fun with this "cat toy"!

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #6

Natural Cholla Wood, 3 Pieces, 5 inches Long

cholla wood rabbit chew toy

Natural Cholla Wood is the dried husk of the Cholla cactus. Each pack contains 3 pieces, each 5 inches long with a hollowed centre.  SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood is all natural, guaranteed organic, thorn-free and chemical-free. It is safe for all pets.  Pet owners have sought out Cholla wood for reptiles, birds, chinchillas, parrots, crabs, rabbits, and hamsters to chew on.

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #7

Original Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

Rabbit Toy Activity Zone

The Original Activity Zone is one of our best selling Toys!  Your bunny will play on top of it, hide under, and play with all the toys.  Can be put in your bunnies enclosure or kept in the living room as "bunny furniture"!

Great for rabbits up to 8 lbs!

Approx 12" wide, 16" deep, 11" high

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #8

Oxbow Animal Health Simple Rewards Strawberry Treat for Pets, 1.4-Ounce

Rabbit Treats Strawberry

Is there anything quite as naturally delicious as strawberries? Your pet doesn't think so either. Unlike many snacks on the market that contain added sugar, these premium Strawberry Treats consist of only 100% strawberries, harvested and freeze dried at the peak of ripeness to ensure the freshest, best-tasting treat for your special pet. Simple Rewards Strawberry Treats are a natural source of Vitamin C and contain natural antioxidants. Use Oxbow Simple Rewards Treats to add variety and enrichment to your pet's diet. .5 oz. bag.

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #9

Crazy Christmas Tree Rabbit Toy

Christmas Tree Rabbit Toy

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House Rabbit Gift Idea #10

Rabbit Christmas Stocking

Rabbit Christmas Toy Stocking

Your rabbit deserves his own stocking for Christmas!  This stocking includes a wide range of favorite Pet Rabbit Toys!

Stocking includes:
1 – Sisal Rope Bone  (4.97)
1 – Sleigh Bells (6.97)
1 –  Sisal Keyring (4.97)
1 – Toss n Toy (4.97)
1 – The Octopus (4.97)
1 – 1 pc Fling Toy (2.47)
1 – 3 Pc Fling Toy (4.97)
1 – Carrot (2.47)
1 – Christmas Stocking (3.97)

Total Value:   $40.73
Sale Price:  $32.97

Buy today for the special discount price!

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