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Toys for Hops – Christmas for Lonely Buns

Toys for Hops Christmas Rabbit Toy DonationUPDATE:

WOW!!  What a Successful Toy Drive!

In all we received $1580 in donations which resulted in us sending Toys for Hops $3160 worth of Rabbit Toys for Rescue Bunnies all across the United States!! 

Gretta has promised lots of pictures and wants to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity.  And of course, the bunnies thank you too 🙂

Here is the original post that spurred so many donations:

This year many rabbits will be enjoying Christmas with their families.  Not only that, they will get gifts and lots of love and kisses on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately there will be many more bunnies sitting in shelters on Christmas morning with no family to love them.  These bunnies are very well taken care of by the rescues who saved them but funds are tight and many times only the necessities can be provided. 

Baskets for Bunnies has decided that this Christmas season shelter bunnies should receive Christmas presents too.

Baskets for Bunnies is a non profit that collects donations of food, supplies, toys, or money to aid these already overwhelmed rescues.

Less than a year ago the founder Gretta Parker adopted a rabbit from a local shelter and started him a Facebook page, as a way to tell the public about the alarming number of rabbits that are bought then abandoned each year.  She met several rescues who always go above and beyond their means to rescue.

They inspired her to start her own nonprofit Baskets for Bunnies, Inc.  Her goal is to provide bunnies and small animals with the toys and supplies they need.  She sends supplies, money and toys to Zooh Corner and the Bunny Castle in California. Ffive Rescue and the Ohio House Rabbit Society both in Ohio. Gainesville Rabbit Rescue, in Gainesville FL.  Little Furries Rescue in Brown Mills, NJ.  And Funnybunny Sanctuary in Athens WV. 

These are all small organizations or rescues that have had a lot of hardship over the last year.

This Christmas Baskets for Bunnies has put in place a program called "Toys for Hops". The purpose of this program is to send Christmas Toys to rabbits in the rescues mentioned above.  If they receive enough donations they will also send toys to other rescues who are on their waiting list or who have asked for help.  The goal is to give a lot of shelter bunnies a very Merry Christmas. and have decided to help!  Will you help too?

Below you'll find a Paypal button where you can send Baskets for Bunnies a donation of fun, interactive rabbit toys directly from  Baskets for Bunnies will use those toys in their Toys for Hops program by redistributing them to the rescues in the most need.  Then the rescues will give each bunny in their program their very own Christmas Toy present.

But the best part is will MATCH your donation!  and cover all shipping costs to get these toys to Baskets for Bunnies. 

So if you purchase a $40 toy donation for the Toys for Hops program, will send $80 worth of toys!  This is the perfect way to give homeless buns across the country the Christmas they deserve. 

Rescue bunnies have so few people to speak up for them and who look out for their needs.  This Christmas you have the opportunity to help those whom our society  normally over looked. 


Image source: Attribution Some rights reserved by (aka Brent)

  1. Thanks for helping Baskets for Bunnies.  They have been so generous to our rescue bunnies…they rock, and so do you!!!

  2. Every rabbit should have a home and love. Thank you for careing. The world needs more people like you.

  3. Trish Trish

    What a very sweet idea!  Happy Holidays to you!

  4. Ann Ann

    thank you so much for caring

  5. PS PS


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