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Toys for Rabbits – Some Ideas for You

Activity zone toys for rabbits

How to Pick Toys for Rabbits

House rabbits, like any pet, need to have regular mental stimulation and physical exercise to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted.  Rabbits are extremely playful pets and enjoy interacting with their human companions, and after all, you brought your house rabbit into your home to add enjoyment and quality to your life.  Why not play a little?


If you’ve been shopping for toys for rabbits that will interest your bunny, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There is certainly no shortage of trinkets to keep your friend entertained and interacting with his or her favorite toy-his human companion.  You’ll need to keep in mind that each toy, while whimsical in nature, serves a specific purpose in stimulating your house bunny.  When choosing the ideal toys for your house rabbit you’ll need to keep his or her unique personality in mind.  

Toys Keep Bunny Boredom at Bay


Bored house rabbits can get into trouble pretty quickly and you sure don’t want your bunny companion to injure him or herself or destroy your property.  You can’t be with your pet continually, but you can ensure that he or she stays entertained and engaged in safe activities while you’re away, as well as add some fun to your together time, by finding the right toys for your house rabbit.

Satisfying Your Rabbit’s Instinct
Bunnies instinctively like to burrow, so providing a tunnel for your rabbit is always a good idea.  You can accommodate their instinct to dig and burrow at the same time by stuffing newspaper into the tunnel.  If your bunny displays a propensity for digging, they will seek a way to satisfy that urge.   
Climbing, chewing and throwing are all activities your rabbit enjoys.  You can incorporate these activities into regular play by introducing specific toys for the job.  Batta-Balls, non-toxic baby toys and even some toys designed especially for rabbits will prove to be fun outlets for your bunny’s natural instincts.   
Ramps and Play Centers are ideal for curious house rabbits wanting to see their world from a new perspective.  There are plenty of chew toys available which allow your pet to exercise his urge to chew.  You’ll find mats designed specifically for your bunny to chew or shred, or you can locate untreated straw mats at home décor and garden centers.
Throwing is an activity all house rabbits enjoy and a great way for you and your pet to spend some quality time together.   When you initiate the throwing, you may find yourself playing a game of toss with your friend.  This can provide great exercise for your house bunny.
A great way to busy your bunny and keep his or her mind off the fact that you aren’t there, is to obtain a toy that has a place to hide a treat.  Your pet will spend lots of time trying to figure out a way to get to the hidden prize.  Another way to keep your pet active when you can’t play is to set up an obstacle course of toys and activities.   
There are several variations of different rabbit toys on the market today and by doing a bit of research, you’ll find some fun options.  Keep in mind that rabbits, especially young rabbits, need social interaction and time with their human companions.  Never rely on toys for rabbits to take the place of this essential bonding time.  Rabbits are social creatures by nature and you’ll never regret the time you spend with your pet.

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