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Video: Stress Free Nail Trimming for Rabbits

Do you have a hard time trimming your bunnies nails?  If you have the patience the technique in the video below is a low stress way to both trim your buns nails and actually start click training your bun too!  Watch how excited the bun is at the beginning of the video, does your bunny get that excited about nail trimming time???


For more information about clicker training your bunny check out the book "Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit"

To find a great pair of clippers check these out on Amazon.



  1. Jill Jill

    This is way too much to have to go thru to trim a rabbits nails. Just hold your rabbit like a baby to trance him. Some are harder to trance than others. But most every rabbit can be tranced. Have someone sit next to bunnie's head and rub their cheeks and ears to relax them even more while you trim nails. Nail trimming is a breeze when bunny is relaxed like a little baby. :>)

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