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Video: Wild Rabbit Meets a Domestic Rabbit

This is a great video.  A wild rabbit decides to make friends and interact with a domestic bunny through a screen door!  It's pretty cool to see just how interested the wild bunny is in his domestic cousin!  Kind of reminds me of the story about the country mouse and city mouse 🙂  The video starts a little slow but the two start interacting at about 1:50

  1. Amazing awesome fantastic love it!!! 

  2. Paula Humerick Paula Humerick

    So cute! Love the way things take off after the wild rabbit washes its (his?) face – as if sprucing up a bit first.

  3. I know it's dangerous, but I would be so tempted to let the wild cottontail in, just to see what he would do, even if I had to lock my pet in a different room.  Would he stay for a while?  Would he destroy my house?  I know he's leave a bunch of poops. I know he might not acclimate to his "wild" life when he got a whiff of domestic life, and I may not have been abl  to get him out again, but I can fantasize. By the way, he is a dead ringer for my Chelsea.

  4. Marianne Marianne

    it's amazing to watch the domesticated and wild interact together..I'd be tempted to "adopt" the wild bun, domesticate him and try to bond these two together! :p

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