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Whimsical Rabbit Paintings by Nakisha

Just found this video on YouTube.  It contains 101 paintings of rabbits by Nakisha.  You'll find these paintings to be whimsical with a very unique representation of the lagomorphs we love so much!  I enjoyed this video immensley and hope you do too!  If you would like to visit the artists website go to


  1. Peggysue1971 Peggysue1971

    Excellent art Nikisha! A story in every picture! The last one is my favorite, bold, beautiful and brave. My rescue rabbit is dying. His back end has given up but his front end hasn't.  he still eats and drinks like everything is fine while I keep his back end clean and dry and move him from side to side so he doesn't get sores. He just won't give up and let me know he wants to leave for bunny heaven. your last rabbit looked so much like my "Bear's" spirit. thank you

  2. Kristie Bush Kristie Bush

    Rabbits are my favorite things to draw. I enjoy creating whymsical pieces with a nice good rabbit or two tossed in for good measure. Others like to call me the girl with the rabbits. Quite cute I must say, love these water colour buns as well!

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