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Winners! Pet Rabbit Toy Picture Contest

We are happy to announce our 2 Winners of the Pet Rabbit Toys Picture Contest!!


The first Winner is Rebecca M. and her Bunny "Boo".  Their picture won the drawing for the $50 Rabbit Toy Basket from Pet Rabbit Toys!

"This is our 4 month old, 'Boo'. She received this toy from her
'Grandma' for Christmas, along with the rest of the toys in the gift
basket. As soon as we set the basket out, she went for this one (Sisal Spider Toy).

My husband, I, and both of our buns, love your products!"

– Rebecca M – Boo's Human



The Second Winner is Claire R. and her Bunny "Beau".  Their picture won the "Feature" position on our Facebook Fanpage Banner and the $50 Rabbit Toy Basket from Pet Rabbit Toys!

Rabbit Toy with Flemish Giant

"This is Beau, he is a Giant Flemish. He is bigger than a fully grown
house cat, but he is a gentle giant. He loves to play with his DIY
rabbit toy parts, flinging them everwhere. He especially loves the
hanging toy I constructed with the DIY kit from Pet Rabbit Toys.

Pet Rabbit Toys is THEEE best place to get toys that your rabbit will
LOVE. Some past favorites are the carrot flinging toy, and the
flinging toy with a bell."

Claire R. – Beau's Human




    • Victor V Victor V

      I was wondering the same thing. They did it for the Christmas photo contest. It was fun to look at the pictures of all the entries.

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